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Seat Pillows


We are one of the first foam retail stores at the centre of Athens.


We construct custom mattresses and pillows. 


With our experience, we can help you to make your home or workplace more beautiful and comfortable.


We can also make your own ideas real, by making products suitable for your space and needs


Don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help you.


With best regards,


Georgia Tsorou




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Foam Mattress
Pillows for seats

For chairs, sofas, deckchairs and special constructions for your furniture.

Gym Foam Mattress

In many sizes and colors, according to your needs

Pillows for boats
Foam products
Decorative pillows

...for every home

Physiotherapy products
Special creations

You can ask us to make a special product, suitable for your needs

You can see our creations by visiting our facebook page
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Sophias Sliman 21, 

Ampelokipi  -  Athens, 11526

Tel / Fax: 210 52 26 712

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